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FederationAomori Lacquerware Federation

About the Federation

The Aomori Lacquerware Federation (hereafter noted as "federation") is based in Hirosaki city, the center of the Tsugaru Nuri industry. The organization aims to advance the industry of Tsugaru Nuri and engage in various activities to achieve its goals.

Specifically, the federation promotes the exchange of information as well as strengthens relations with members of the federation, other Tsugaru nuri organizations, and other related organizations. As the industry’s main organization, the federation provides the main authority for the spread of Tsugaru nuri lacquerware, increasing public awareness, and the promotion of the local industry (succession and improvement of technology and methods, training of craftsmanship successors, procurement of raw materials, design development, demand development, and promoting current artisans’ welfare and professional recognition).

Address 2-4-9 Kanda Hirosaki-shi Inside Hirosaki Traditional Industry Hall
TEL/FAX 0172-35-3629
Incorporated May 23, 1972


Tsugaru nuri lacquerware has developed a deep connection with the people of the local area surrounding Hirosaki as the regional traditional craft since the Edo period. Tsugaru nuri lacquerware was designated as a traditional craft by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry in 1975. Since then, the federation has strived to promote the craft to the rest of Japan. It is our hope to continue to evolve the traditional craft to conform to the modern lifestyle. We appreciate your interest and support of Tsugaru nuri lacquerware.

Aomori Lacquerware Federation
Chairman Kenichi Ishioka

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