TSUGARU NURILacquerware Aomori, JAPAN


Going Global from a Local Community Movement in Hirosaki

As part of a community effort to reinvigorate the branding of traditional crafts including the Tsugaru Nuri, the city of Hirosaki in Aomori prefecture is leading the “Hirosaki Tsugaru Nuri Design Project,” a collaborative endeavor among world-class designers.

This project has led to the birth of a new Tsugaru Nuri brand “HARENOVA.” The brand features the newest series of Tsugaru Nuri products developed by a joint effort between Tsugaru Nuri artisans, mainly members of the Aomori Lacquerware Federation, and product designers, who are active in Japan and abroad.

HARENOVA is a mixture of the Japanese word HARE, meaning sunny or happy, and NOVA, which is Latin for “new” or “a brightly burning star” in English. The line of HARENOVA products was developed with strong conviction by the artisans to produce “a bright new star” for everyday life.

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